Day 2 – Chaka at Florida AIDS Walk

I had a great time performing at the Florida AIDS Walk in Ft. Lauderdale today!  The crowd even sang “Happy Birthday” to me!  I’ve been a longtime supporter of HIV/AIDS organizations and initiatives because it has and still does affect many people I know.

Unfortunately, HIV infection rates continue to climb amongst African American women who are contracting the disease at a national rate of 5 per every 10,000 women.  The rate is even higher, 24 per every 10,000 women, in Baltimore; Atlanta; Newark, New Jersey; New York City; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C. as reported by the Center for Disease Control.

I beg of you my sisters and brothers, protect yourself by using condoms and/or not sharing needles because no matter how good it may feel, it’s NEVER worth risking your life!